Maxican One liners

Q: Why did the Mexicans have to move out of the house? A: Because they couldn't figure out how to flush the pool.

What do you call a bunch of black people running down a hill? Mudslide!

The american picks up the mexican and throws him over board and says we have to many of those in our country.

What's the difference between a bench and a Mexican?
A bench can support a family (sorry, that one is really mean)

What did a Mexican Fireman call his two sons?

Jose and Hose B

Q: Why can't Mexicans become Doctors?

A: It's too hard to spray paint prescriptions.

Q. How do you stop a Mexican from robbing your house?

A. Put up a help-wanted sign.

Q: Whaddya call a Mexican being baptized?
A: Bean dip.

HONOR - " I bought that ruca drinks all night and she wouldn't let me get HONOR!

Q: What do you call a Mexican with his car stolen?
A: Carlos

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J H R Wrote:

One time I stuck my fist inside a donkey
adn a mexucan chased me with a slipper

Avery Wrote:

I have another.
Q:What do mexicans and basketball players have in common?
A:They both jump shoot and steal!

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